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  Butterfly Kaleidoscope Murals

Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens

Butterfly Kaleidoscope Murals 21.5 ft. w. x 25 ft. h. installed at the entrance of the Indianapolis Zoo, White River Botanical Garden.

The Mural was first elaborated from this small and rough sketch I rendered (below), it was inspired from the actual Garden.


Move & keep your pointer on the Zoom area to see a close-up



"Indianapolis Zoo" Mural on canvas installed at the entrance of the Gardens.

Here is what the Zoo Director of Creative Services had to say:   

"Your pieces is FANTASTIC! Quite honestly soooo many people came by to complement on this.

  The president is pleased, and best of all guests were flocking to the exhibit area in droves – 

which is the whole point. They also couldn't seem to take enough photos! Thank you  so much."


See a short video of "Indianapolis Zoo Mural" installed.

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Artwork by YvesArt.com, printed and instaled by TKO Grafix.


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