This is a preview of what you will find in my 4 DVD workshop that is available through my website.


A forty hours workshop condensed in 4 DVD that also include one instructional CD with file to print and tools you need.

You can order the 4 DVD workshop on my website at:

This is the same workshop I have teach in many different schools thru ought the US.


In this workshop, you will learn all there is to know about creating murals like the one in my book. 

 "The Art of trompe L'Oeil Murals".

 "Book Release" The Art Of TROMPE L' OEIL Murals.

 Learn every step how to paint this beautiful trompe l'oeil window. Don't miss this opportunity! This will make the difference in your career between being just a craftsman or becoming a master in your field.


In this DVD workshop you will learn how to sketch the window design on a velum paper so it could easily be transfer on a wall or canvas.


Painting the sky using acrylic color, mixing your color and how to mask your area to not overlap the blue onto where the stone frame was going to go.

Painting the first step of the stone frame again using acrylic paint, t mixing the paint color and how to apply it to create the stone effect like you find in my book.


Painting the first coat of my ironwork with a dark brown color, adding different metallic paint to create the iron look.

Learn a step by step how to paint the landscape,  mixing the color tone very uniform to give it that old fresco look to it. 

Block all of the elements precisely so it become easier as you star detailing afterwards.

Paint the clouds in the sky balancing the color tone to blend with background of the landscape. 

Painting the first coat of shadowing on the stone frame to start bringing out the 3D look.


 Shadowing more and more the details of the frame and carve detail, chousing where the  light source would come from and finishing touch defining the design. 

Added some highlight of white to the top relief where the light would hit from the same light source.

Detailing the scene, shadowing each element adding more color and shadow and followed with the white highlight afterwards depicting a light source.


Here is a close-up of the details in the scene once finished.


 Here is how the overall murals should will look once finish.

 In addition to the 4 DVD workshop, on my website you can also order preprint canvas with the design already sketched  for you to save time. 

When you order the any of my DVD workshop, you are welcome to email me your final artwork to have me personally give you my comments and critic on it.


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