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Streaming, Download Workshop film in HD.

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 Streaming & Download Workshop film in HD.

In this workshop, you will learn all there is to know about creating  murals like the one in  my book. "The Art of Trompe L'Oeil Murals". Learn every step how to paint this beautiful "Trompe L'Oeil Window". Don't miss this opportunity! This will make the difference in your career between being just a craftsman or becoming a master in your field.

 Streaming & Download.

Window Trompe L'oeil Workshop .


("Online viewing or Downloads")

Play the full workshop (4 DVD's) online or download the media files.

Also included, 2 downloadable .PDF files containing instruction, list of tools needed,

design ( larges sketches) and photos to print.




 (4 DVD's) workshop on line or download the media file.

Price $95.00               Item # 01169     

You also have the choise to buy the 4 Streaming & Download separatly .
Price $25.00 each disk.
 Item # 01169-1   Price  $25.00          Disk 1
     Item # 01169-2   Price  $25.00          Disk 2
     Item # 01169-3   Price  $25.00          Disk 3
     Item # 01169-4   Price  $25.00          Disk 4



        HD Video 



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You can order a custom size of your choice at no extra cost.

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