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"Giclee" ?

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  1. 1: What is a Giclee?
  2. 2: What is the process?
  3. 3: Are there seams showing on the canvas?
  4. 4: How long does a Giclee last?
  5. 5: Have any museums expressed interest in Giclees?
  6. 6: What retail prices do collectors pay for Giclees?
  7. 7: What is the difference between Mural Giclees and the Painting Giclee?


1:  What is a Giclee?  

*A Giclees is the state of the art replication for paintings  “fine art print”  produced on a high quality digital printer.. Giclees are created by the artist, issued one at a time, and are virtually indistinguishable from the original. The painting Giclee are manufactured on fine art canvas using vivid inks that are demonstrated to be stable for two hundred years or longer. We print our Giclees paintings on the highest quality printers used in the industry to reproduce fine art prints: Roland Specialized Giclees printers. For the Murals we offer them on  canvas Giclees UV protected up to 16 ft. wide by 100 ft long in one piece.

The word Giclee is a French word and means "sprayed, jetted, or spurted".

2: What is the  process?

First a transparency of Yves original Mural is  made by a professional photographer. The transparency is then scanned with our high quality scanners,  using very specialized software for color matching and image manipulation, in addition to our sophisticated equipment that allows us to provide our customers with the best possible fine art reproductions. We have automated the process to minimize the price and make the highest quality fine art print available to all. The canvas is protected with two UV protective clear coatings . We protect the canvas on both sides to prevent glue (when installed) from affecting the color pigments of the Giclee.

From the start Yves supervises every step, from digitalizing the image, the color match, reproducing the art, to posting on our web site, our e-commerce platform and logistic. Using the power of the Internet is crucial in achieving the cost savings that can passed along to our customers and clients of our partners.


3: Are there seams showing on the canvas?

There are no seams for canvases up to 50"in. wide! For any bigger custom size, the murals, niches or ceiling  is divided in 50" inches wide roll up to 10 ft. long, that can easily be shipped anywhere and can be installed by a professional wallpaper hanger, the only recommendation is if you hang a mural divided in two or three piece, it is recommended that you wait for the first piece to dry before gluing the other next to it,. to prevent minuscule gap between the piece when drying. 


4: How long does a Giclee last?

Giclees have undergone extensive testing by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., a leading authority on the care and preservation of prints, photographs, and films. Wilhelm’s testing, has shown that under standard conditions, a Giclee can last as long as 32-36 years easily before  noticeable fading begins. It is important to note that all colors fade. Depending of the composition of the paints, many original watercolors will fade faster. The same goes for Cibachromes, which Wilhelm rate at 29 years.

5: Have any museums expressed interest in Giclees?

 Dozens of museums have mounted exhibitions or purchased Giclees for their permanent collections. These include The Metropolitan Museum (New York), the Guggenheim (New York), the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston), the Philadelphia Museum, the Butler Institute (Youngstown, OH), the Corcoran (DC), the National Gallery for Women in the Arts (DC), the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (DC), the Walker Art Center, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, the New York Public Library Print Collection, the High Museum (Atlanta), the California Museum of Photography, the National Museum of Mexico and the San Jose Museum, among others.

6: What retail prices do collectors pay for Giclees?

The retail price varies on many factors, such as the artist’s reputation, the size of the edition, the size of the print, and even the state of the economy. Small format from a large edition can sell for as little as $100-$300. At the other extreme, Giclees by other more famous artists can run in the tens of thousands dollars. Yves Trompe L'oeil & murals retails for $30. SQ FT.

7: What is the difference between  Mural Giclee and the Painting Giclee?

The process is the same, the only difference is in the finish ( Extra UV protective coating). The price for Mural canvas, is approximately $30.the same as the painting pricing. we also offer   extra coating on the back and front of the canvas for an additional cost for handling glue and additional mildue protection!

Large Trompe L'Oeil on canvas Tru Giclee reproduction now available on line for a fraction of the price.

See our selection of high quality artwork and Murals on canvas for great savings!

 Ceilings and Murals           Borders & Ceilings 

Yves  Murals/ Niches/ Ceilings/ Borders, are custom designed on canvas to any size. See for yourself some examples of the Niche and Ceiling reproductions on canvas ( extra large sizes available). The Artwork is printed on UV protected canvas for interior or exterior up to 16 ft. wide by any l20" ft. long, that can easily be shipped anywhere and can be installed by a professional wallpaper hanger. 

The price is determined by the size of the canvas, plus shipping and handling.  of the canvas, plus shipping and handling.  

See Pricing for details.

Take advantage of  this great product, it is as remarkable as the original for a fraction of the cost.

Take an additional 25% discount on your second order on none custom artwork.

Framing is not included.





You can order a custom size of your choice at no extra cost.

For more information call USA. (321) 257-9294.














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