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" Star Island Dome "

This 35 ft. diameter Dome is a good example of the workmanship & expertise needed to execute a design of this magnitude.

Yves spent one month on the drawing table to come up with this unique design and six months to paint this magnificent 40 ft. wide Dome. Medium: Acrylic.



The twelve round windows were a real challenge since none of them were placed at the same height.

The sketching had to be trick to fit and not break

the  harmony and balance of this design.

The entire ceiling has 48 brackets and  48 panels  at the base,

twelve moldings designed around  twelve windows,

twelve brackets arched with 48  Dragons panels and 12 lion heads.

Above : An incredible and intricate design  paneled, toped with a dome "astral".



Dome / Before

Close UP




You can order a custom size of your choice at no extra cost.

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